• 2015 Advisor Compensation Study

2015 Advisor Compensation Study


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Greater Advisor productivity has been the driving force of increased revenue the past few years, so paying Advisors the most meaningful way is critical to continuing this trend. Without a competitive and carefully crafted incentive plan, you risk underusing the most important asset of the firm: your Advisors.

How much in additional incentive is paid for Advisors reaching financial planning goals, or advisory business? How prevalent is deferred compensation? How much more do Senior Advisors and “second story” Independent Advisors earn than branch based Advisors? What are firms doing differently than paying a traditional draw and commission grid?

Kehrer Bielan has been the definitive industry resource on Advisor compensation for years. In 2015, our study will once again answer these and other questions.

Our 2015 Advisor Compensation study will detail:

  • Base salaries, forgivable and non-forgivable draw amounts
  • Grid levels and break points used in commission plans
  • Effective payout an Advisor earns at different production ranges
  • Commission plans for Senior Advisors and Advisors who work independent of the branch network
  • Enhancements designed to drive behavior of seven critical special incentive components.

Non-Financial Institutions: Contact Peter Bielan (peter.bielan@kehrerbielan.com)

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