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  • DoL Revenue Impact Calculator

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    We have heard from executives that manage investment services inside financial institutions that they expect revenue to decline in 2017 as a result of the disruptions caused by the…
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  • Advisor Coverage Toolkit

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    The Kehrer Bielan Advisor Coverage Toolkit is designed to help managers build the case for growing advisor headcount. It consists of two parts:Advisor Coverage Backgrounder – A whi…
  • Program Manager Compensation Calculator

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    The Program Manager Compensation Calculator enables the user to determine what the market is paying for the role of program manager (the individual in charge of managing the invest…
  • Product Revenue Flow Comparison Caluclator

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    The Product Revenue Flow Comparison Calculator enables the user to compare the return over time from two different streams of revenue. This is very helpful when comparing recurring…
  • Advisor Production Estimator

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    Kehrer Bielan has created a tool that will help you quantify your insights, and demonstrate to:Advisors what you expect them to produce, given other advisors in similar situationsM…
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