Ending Catch and Release: A New Era Recruiting Plan to Reel in Advisors (May 2017)

The need for more advisors has never been more apparent than today.  Many firms have seen flat advisor counts for multiple years and run the risk of not keeping pace with their financial institution’s growth.  This pressure will be amplified as advisors evolve to a financial planning approach making it even more difficult for a firm to grow top line revenue when advisors will have to spend significantly more time with each client and do it in an environment where fees and commissions are compressing. 

If this sounds like what your business is facing, only by adding incremental advisors will you offset these challenges.  The New Era Recruiting Plan study outlines how to pay prospective advisors by detailing:

  • Reasons behind recruiting shortfalls
  • Disadvantages of conventional recruiting plans
  • Recruiting compensation template designed to attract and retain advisors
  • Benefits of using the New Era Recruiting plan
  • Justification of the New Era Recruiting plan


Pricing for Financial Institutions is Based on Number of Advisors

Fewer than 25 Advisors: $350

25 to 100 Advisors: $650

More than 100 Advisors: $1,000


Pricing for Non-Financial Institutions

Contact peter.bielan@kehrerbielan.com

Non-Financial Institutions:

Contact Peter Bielan (peter.bielan@kehrerbielan.com) for pricing.