Financial Advisor Compensation Plans in Credit Unions Comparison: Comparing Plans Institution by Institution (June 2014)

We created a workbook with institution-by-institution compensation plans for financial advisors in 34 leading credit unions and 35 banks. Designed specifically for credit unions, this is an invaluable resource for comparing advisor compensation plans to industry peers, ensuring industry competitiveness while promoting cost consciousness.

The workbook of spreadsheets contains all the plan components firms use to drive business:

  • Compensation plan data sorted by plan type
  • Base salary amounts
  • Grid levels
  • Effective payout at various production levels
  • Special incentive components that drive management objectives such as advisory business, insurance or other goals

The individual plan detail is summarized separately for both credit unions and banks.

The plan information is pulled directly from the 69 participating firm's plans and provided on a blind basis with calculations for ease of use. We have included bank data in this release to enable credit unions to evaluate their plans relative to all financial institution competition when recruiting and retaining financial advisors.

This credit union-targeted resource is the starting point when evaluating and designing effective compensation plans. It is available to credit unions for a fixed price of $250.

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