According to Kehrer Bielan research, when investing, 64% of households headed by a millennial say they "prefer to do most or all of the research and decision making." Just 37% of older households feel that way.

If the Robo Advisors will make headway with any demographic segment, it would seem to be millennials.


Bar graph shows 64% of Millennial households and 37% of older households prefer to do most or all of the research and decision making


Yet millennials will inherit the earth, like the generations before them. So how can banks and credit unions build investment relationships with them now that can blossom as they mature financially? Robo Advisors, a different role for traditional advisors, or some combination of both?


Kehrer Bielan has embarked on an ambitious research project to understand millennials and identify how banks can meet their needs now and in the future.


The research leverages the highly regarded MacroMonitor, the bi-annual survey conducted by the Consumer Financial Decisions Group since 1978. The 2014 survey encompasses a nationally representative sample of 4,405 households, including 1,121 headed by a member of the millennial generation.


Watch for our insights as we examine how millennials think about investing and investment advice, where they look for it, and whether they would pay for it. Who do they trust? Do they understand their investment options?