The Kehrer Bielan team has spent nearly 100 collective years in this industry. We want to help this industry continue to grow and prosper, just as it has helped us. And we hope that the research we conduct helps point the way. To give back, we have launched the Kehrer Bielan Highlighter to share some of our most important findings, insights, and commentary. 

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Let’s look at the past 12 months through the lens of some of the surveys we conducted during the year.

Among the 47 bank brokerage firms that participated in our recent survey on omni-channel segmentation, one-out-of-five reported having a digital platform where clients can obtain advice. Many more aspire to have a digital advice platform, but that leaves nearly half of the firms surveyed who do not currently have a digital platform and have no plans to deploy one.

In our recent survey on omni-channel segmentation, 71% of the 47 firms surveyed said that they had already implemented a segmentation strategy to deliver different levels of service to different clients, or that they are discussing one. So what basis are firms using to make segmentation decisions? In our survey, the answer was universally: the size of the client’s investment account.

Much has been written about the role of financial planning in the modern investment services firm, including in our three-part series on the subject: The New Importance of Financial Planning. So how has the industry responded? Are advisors preparing more plans than they did previously?