Multiple month Advisor compensation plans outbumber single month plans by more than two to one

According to new Kehrer Bielan research, Advisor incentive plans that calculate payout based on a rolling month production average account for almost seven in ten plans.  Even though monthly plans are the most common type of look-back used, the ability to smooth out grid placement through averaging multiple month occurrences are more common when not distinguishing the number of months used.  

Last week the FDIC issued Financial Institution Letter 29-2015, announcing the revision of its Compliance Examination Manual, the "Bible" that FDIC examiners use to evaluate financial institution compliance with federal consumer protection laws and regulations. Read the full document here.

Other Concerns Reflect Life Stage Priorities

Retirement may be decades away for most Millennials, but according to new Kehrer Bielan research they are already preparing for it.

For investment services firms trying to reach members of the Millennial generation, consider this: nearly half of all Millennials say they use an app on their smartphone or tablet to connect to a financial institution at least once during a typical month.

According to new Kehrer Bielan research, the 25 largest bank broker dealers produced almost $22 billion in fixed and variable annuity premium last year, 57% of the total sold by all banks and credit unions.

The ten largest third party broker dealers, which support annuity and investment sales in 2,559 banks and credit unions, accounted for 38% of the total annuity premium sold through financial institutions. The remaining 4% was sold in the smaller bank broker dealers or the community banks and credit unions that work with the smaller third party broker dealers.