Available Research Reports

The following reports identify new industry metrics and help you improve your company's performance and identify best practices.


2016-2017 Bank Broker Dealer Survey

This is the first survey to focus only on bank-owned broker dealers instead of banks and credit unions that work with third party BDs. As the industry has matured, the metrics used to assess individual firm performance and monitor trends have lagged behind. At the urging of some key industry executives, Dr. Kehrer has identified several ways that industry benchmarks should be "modernized..." Read more.



2016-2017 Regional & Community Bank Survey

More bank customers are able to invest where they bank than ever before. Over 1,600 regional and community banks are offering investment services in partnership with third party broker dealers. But how well are banks penetrating this opportunity? Read more.



2016-2017 Credit Union Investment Services Survey

This report examines the breadth of investment services offerings in the credit union universe, while drilling down to the performance of individual credit unions. Read more.



Survey of Investment Services Operations in Financial Institutions

Managing an investment services business inside a bank or credit union has many challenges. A major one is negotiating budgets and headcounts when the institution’s management often does not understand the functions performed by middle and back office staff. There just is no reliable source of industry data that can be mustered to defend a staffing plan. Read more.


Bank Broker Dealer Operations Survey

As firms try to better understand their cost structure to optimize performance, the cost of back office operations is an important piece of the equation. However, the available data on bank brokerage operations in banks and credit unions are very limited—just the percentage of revenue that is spent on operations. But what is included in “operations?” Read more.


Wealth Management Services Series

These reports benchmark the productivity and penetration of the component business lines of personal wealth management—individual trust, private banking, and investment management. The objective is to give participants the information and tools to assess their performance against their peers and identify best practices. Read more.


Guide to Growth Series

Cetera Financial Group has commissioned Kehrer Bielan to leverage their 3 decades of bank and credit union experience with investment services to identify best industry practices. The series includes studies of the size of the opportunity for financial institutions; optimizing the number of Advisors; using sales assistants and junior/associate brokers; integrating trust, private banking, and brokerage into a wealth management offering; building fee-based business; the value of referrals; the role of financial planning; and whether to own or outsource the broker dealer function. Read more.


The Value of Adding Financial Planning within Your Bank or Credit Union—Complimentary

The latest whitepaper in the Guide to Growth series, this paper describes how financial planning is delivered in banks and credit unions, examines what happens to investment services performance when FAs incorporate planning into the way they do business, and identifies best practices for encouraging the use of planning. Read more.


How to Maximize the Impact of Sales Assistants and Junior Brokers—Complimentary

This paper examines the value and advantages of using sales assistants and "junior brokers” in banks and credit unions offering investment services. Read more.


Optimizing the Number of Financial Advisors—Complimentary

Optimize the advisor to client ratio so your program can determine the optimum number of financial professionals to deploy relative to the size of your financial institution. Read more.


The Broker-Dealer Conundrum: Build, Maintain or Partner?—Complimentary

Review factors for your financial institution to consider when determining whether to manage an in-house broker-dealer or outsource functions to a third-party broker-dealer. Read more.


Compliance Expense Study 2013

With heightened levels of risk management in banks and credit unions, and increasingly restrictive securities regulations, it is not surprising that the cost of compliance and supervision for investment services in financial institutions has increased by one third in the past three years. But, is this function appropriately resourced? Are the resources being deployed efficiently? Read more.


Research on Platform Investment Reps

The Business Case for Bank Platform Investment Sales Reps — Examines pros and cons of starting a platform program. Read more.

A Fresh Look at Platform Banker Investment Reps — Examines the sag in platform rep productivity and the differences between banks with and without platform reps. Read more.


Upcoming Best Practices Study Groups

New Importance of Financial Planning and LIfe Insurance After DoL  April 17-18, 2018, Chapel Hill, NC

Spring Tune Up  May 15-16, 2018, Chapel Hill, NC

Fall Wrap Up  September 18-19, 2018, Chapel Hill, NC

Managing Omni Channel Delivery  November 5-6, 2018, Chapel Hill, NC



We offer consulting that builds on the performance assessment, benchmarking, and best practices surveys and analysis we have done over the years. We are able to combine our empirical data with a practical understanding of what has and hasn't worked. We wrap this approach within an appreciation for the culture that is unique to your company, enabling us to provide recommendations that go beyond the "what" and "why" to include the "how." This unique blend can be found nowhere else, and can help your firm move quickly and decisively to capitalize on opportunities to unlock value and improve profitability. View some of our past consulting engagements.