Managing an investment services business inside a bank or credit union has many challenges.  A major one is negotiating budgets and headcounts when the institution’s management often does not understand the functions performed by middle and back office staff.  There just is no reliable source of industry data that can be mustered to defend a staffing plan.

This survey will remedy that situation.

Kehrer Bielan Research & Consulting has just concluded a detailed study of the staffing and expenses of the operations in financial institutions that own and operate their own broker dealer.  For the first time we have assembled detailed, reliable data on the FTEs required and the cost of 50 different functions in the middle and back office of the brokerage business in institutions, and how those staffing and expense profiles vary with scale, business mix, and the way the business is processed.  That survey has enabled institutions with their own BD to understand their cost structure and make better decisions about staffing and service levels.

Now we will apply that methodology to banks and credit unions that partner with third party broker dealers/TPMs.  We have excluded the functions that are always performed by the broker dealer/TPM and have focused the survey on the ten functions that might be conducted by you directly, or by the BD, or shared.

The survey results will provide you with a solid basis to argue your case for the headcount you need to effectively process the business.

By participating, you will receive:

  • An individualized dashboard that compares your operations staff profile and expenses to industry benchmarks across all ten middle and back office functions

  • A study that analyzes how staffing and expense profiles vary by size of firm, business mix, and how much of the broker dealer function you operate in house.

In conjunction with the Kehrer Bielan study of the cost of operations in broker-dealers operated by financial institutions, for the first time you will be able to compare the financial costs and benefits of maintaining or outsourcing the broker dealer function.

The cost of participation varies by the size of the firm:

Fewer than 20 Advisors:  $500

20 to 50 Advisors: $750

More than 50 Advisors:  $1,000

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