Kenneth Kehrer, PhD


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Dr. Kehrer has been studying the transformation of banks and credit unions to financial services stores since the early 1980s. His research has influenced the metrics that a generation of industry practitioners use to assess their businesses and assimilate best industry practices. He also pioneered the concept of forming bank roundtable discussion groups that bring together professionals with similar job responsibilities to share experiences and react to the latest research. The work he formerly did through Kehrer-LIMRA was the foundation of Kehrer Saltzman & Associates and now Kerhrer Bielan Research & Consulting.

Since the formation of Kenneth Kehrer Associates in 1985, Dr. Kehrer, along with his wife and partner Christine, leveraged his proprietary research to help scores of banks and credit unions start investment and insurance businesses or improve existing ones. He has also consulted for over a hundred product and service providers—insurers, investment companies, securities firms, technology providers, management consultants, and marketing organizations—on the development of strategies for bank distribution. The firm initiated many groundbreaking publications including The Kehrer Report: Quarterly Newsletter of the Bank Insurance and Investment Industry and the first annual benchmarking and compensation studies. Kenneth Kehrer Associates provided the annual Consumer Investments Study for the Consumer Bankers Association beginning in 1993, the Quarterly Productivity & Performance Report for the Bank Insurance and Securities Association beginning in 1996, and the Annual Bank Life Insurance Sales Study with LIMRA International beginning in 1999. Most of these publications continue to be a resource for the industry today.

In 2004, Dr. Kehrer received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the Bank Insurance and Securities Association for his contributions to the industry. In 2006, the ongoing surveys and roundtable discussion groups of Kenneth Kehrer Associates were sold to LIMRA. The resulting company Kehrer-LIMRA continues some of the activities that Dr. Kehrer and Christine Kehrer initiated over the past 27 years. Over the past few years, Dr. Kehrer has been writing a series of whitepapers that draw on the cumulative experience of the industry over the past three decades to better illuminate best practices and chart the future of the financial advice industry in banks and credit unions.

Dr. Kenneth Kehrer reaches a much wider audience through his public commentary. He has testified before both houses of Congress and is frequently asked to comment on industry trends by the media. He has also been a member of the faculty of the StonierGraduate School of Banking, a contributing editor of the ABA Banking Journal, a columnist for Bank Investment Consultant, and a frequent contributor to the AmericanBanker, Bank Insurance and Investment Marketing, and other publications.

He earned his PhD in Economics from Yale University after graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Williams College and earning a Masters Degree in Indian History from Panjab Univerity in Lahore, Pakistan as a Fulbright Scholar.