• Sales Manager Compensation Study - The Story of Territory

Sales Manager Compensation Study - The Story of Territory


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Advisor compensation has been analyzed extensively, but obtaining detail compensation information for the critical role of Sales Manager has been significantly less available. In fact, the advisor’s immediate manager is often the overriding reason an advisor joins a new firm or stays at their existing firm. Considering the significance of the sales manager role, we conducted this research to benchmark the compensation amounts, methods and drivers of Sales Manager’s compensation.

The study encompasses data from 30 Sales Managers in Bank-owned Broker Dealers, providing data on individual territories ranging from $5 million to over $25 million in revenue. It details the Sales Managers’:

  • Base salary amounts
  • Incentive amounts
  • Total compensation amounts
  • Compensation paid per Advisor
  • Primary incentive drivers
  • Plus, other productivity measurements

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