The Kehrer Bielan team has spent nearly 100 collective years in this industry. We want to help this industry continue to grow and prosper, just as it has helped us. And we hope that the research we conduct helps point the way. To give back, we have launched the Kehrer Bielan Highlighter to share some of our most important findings, insights, and commentary.


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Recent Highlighters

Thinning Advisor Coverage Continues Thwarting Growth

More advisors key to increasing investment services penetration and revenue   Financial institutions have a growth mandate—to grow deposits, market share, net income and the return on average equity. Many institutions also have a strategic imperative to increase...

Keys to Better Planning Penetration: Client Engagement, Segmentation

Participants in last week’s Kehrer Bielan virtual study group on the Path to Planning focused on client engagement and segmentation as keys to more widespread use of planning in banks and credit unions.   Kehrer Bielan’s Leigh Van Heule, who leads the planning...

Bank BDs Overestimate Revenue Hit from the Pandemic?

Early results suggest that the management of investment services in banks and credit unions expected a larger drop in revenue in the second quarter than they experienced. Cramer + Associates has published its monthly BD Revenue Report for June, and it indicates that...

Myth Busters: Harnessing the Consumer View

Misconceptions are everywhere.   Among many advisors and product managers, the perception exists that selling annuities to a client creates less loyalty than other products and services. Annuities, some argue, are a transaction product, not a relationship...

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