The Kehrer Bielan team has spent nearly 100 collective years in this industry. We want to help this industry continue to grow and prosper, just as it has helped us. And we hope that the research we conduct helps point the way. To give back, we have launched the Kehrer Bielan Highlighter to share some of our most important findings, insights, and commentary.


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Recent Highlighters

How Many Bank-Based Advisors Have Planning Designations?

During last week’s Kehrer Bielan virtual study group on developing holistic advisors, the conversation on Reg BI turned to the controversy between the CFP Board and the SEC on the standard of care.  Capital Rock’s Connor Thomas noted that the CFP used to be the only...

Talk the Planning Talk? Walk the Planning Walk

We are advocates of financial planning because we know that planning is a catalyst to more holistic conversations and deeper relationships leading to assets and revenue growth.  Clients want their advisor to know them.  They are looking to their advisor to provide...

Financial Planning: Let the Pros Do It?

Participants in the recent Kehrer Bielan virtual study group on the development of holistic advisors confronted the slow pace of advisor adoption of planning.  On average a bank-based advisor engages in planning with only 1.75 clients a month, up from 1.4 in 2015. ...