The Kehrer Bielan team has spent nearly 100 collective years in this industry. We want to help this industry continue to grow and prosper, just as it has helped us. And we hope that the research we conduct helps point the way. To give back, we have launched the Kehrer Bielan Highlighter to share some of our most important findings, insights, and commentary.


No sales pitch.

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Recent Highlighters

Keeping Your Top Advisors

In our strategic dialogue in April, the conversation coalesced around the Kehrer Bielan research that demonstrates that when an advisor leaves a firm, the firm loses about $2 million in revenue, even if the advisor takes no clients or assets. The participants shared...

Who Should Have a Financial Plan?

Kehrer Bielan research has found that financial planning is a win, win, win for the member, the advisor, and the credit union.  Members with a plan are more confident about their financial future, move more of their assets to the advisor who works with them on the...

Getting Back to Growth

Results of Annual Checkup Spur Discussion of Growth Drivers   During the virtual unveiling of the 2020/2021 Annual Industry Checkup on March 11, Tim Kehrer reviewed the past several years’ worth of performance data collected from the three thousand or so banks...

Myth Busters: Harnessing the Consumer View

Misconceptions are everywhere.   Among many advisors and product managers, the perception exists that selling annuities to a client creates less loyalty than other products and services. Annuities, some argue, are a transaction product, not a relationship...

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