2021-2022 Bank Broker Dealer Study Dashboard

2021-2022 Bank Broker Dealer Study Dashboard (July 2022)

  • Focused on banks that own their broker dealer
  • Key trends and performance benchmarks
  • Covers calendar year 2021
  • 23 participants

Available Reports:

The Dashboard is a matrix of 50 different performance metrics tracked in the survey.

  • The Dashboard is used by executive management in the bank BDs to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the business , and to identify strategies for growth.
  • We hear from many of the bank BDs who purchase the Dashboard every year that it has become one of the most important tools they use during planning season.
  • The Dashboard is such a powerful tool that it often forms the foundation of the full-service consulting we have performed for dozens of the largest bank investment programs.

The Study is a narrative report that identifies the most important trends in the data.

  • The Annual Bank BD Study is considered a go-to resource for information on the most important trends impacting the bank brokerage industry.
  • The findings contained in the Annual Bank BD Study frequently achieve you-heard-it-here-first status—these are the issues your business will be grappling with in the coming year.
  • Covers year-over-year changes in business mix, production, and profitability; revenue penetration; advisor coverage; advisor productivity; and acquisition of new assets.


Financial Institutions Product & Service Providers
2021-2022 Bank BD Study    $500 $1,000
2021-2022 Bank BD Dashboard (coming summer 2022) $1,000 $1,500
Study and Dashboard Package (coming summer 2022) $1,250 $2,000


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2021-2022 Bank Broker Dealer Dashboard



2021-2022 Bank Broker Dealer Study and Dashboard