Advisor Retirement Transition Compensation

Advisor Retirement Transition Compensation (August 2018)

As a firm’s longest tenured advisors near retirement, they face the temptation to monetize their business by moving to another firm. These are often your highest producing advisors who manage an outsized portion of your firm’s assets. Managing their transition into retirement in a way that ensures that the clients and assets remain with the firm is imperative.

In this study, Peter Bielan describes three straight forward and cost-effective approaches to compensating advisors during their transition into retirement. He compares the components and cash-flow implications of each model to help you decide the best approach for your firm, with the detail you need for your internal approval processes.

The study consists of two parts:

  • A narrative slideshow presentation describing the three transition compensation models.
  • Tables that compare the cash flow implications of each transition model at one year intervals from transition to retirement.