Consumer Views of Financial Planning

Consumer Views of Financial Planning

White Paper Scope of Work

Kehrer Bielan will create a white paper, analyzing data from a national sample survey of consumer financial decisions to examine consumer views of financial planning and how the planning experience affects consumer outlook and their choice of providers of financial advice.


Kehrer Bielan will examine the characteristics of households that have a plan and how the plan affects their trust in financial services providers and their choice of independent advisors, bank-based advisors, and other financial professionals.

The Data

Kehrer Bielan will analyze data from the MacroMonitor, the largest, most comprehensive survey of the use of financial services by US consumers and their perceptions and preferences for products and providers. The MacroMonitor has been conducted every other year since 1978 by the Consumer Financial Decisions Group (CFD) of Strategic Business Insights. The 2018-2019 survey consists of a national sample of 4,100 households, including an oversample of 1,644 affluent households reweighted back to be representative of the 139,442,000 US households.

The MacroMonitor encompasses a full balance sheet for each household, their demographics, financial activity, and attitudes about finances and financial services providers.  Kehrer Bielan regards the MacroMonitor as the gold standard of consumer financial databases.

Work Plan

Kehrer Bielan will purchase the data tabulations from Strategic Business Insights, analyze the data, and prepare a storyboard that outlines the white paper.  After agreeing on the outline, Kehrer Bielan will draft a narrative report for review by the sponsor prior to finalizing the white paper.

Kehrer Bielan will work with the sponsor to publicize the study through articles in industry publications and a webinar, and help integrate the study findings into the sponsor’s wholesaling activity.


Kehrer Bielan’s fee is $35,000, inclusive of the $10,000 cost of the data tabulations.