Due Diligence on Third Party Broker Dealers

Due Diligence on Third Party Broker Dealers (TPMs)

Regulators continue to raise the bar for institutions to demonstrate that they are adequately vetting critical third party vendors such as your broker dealer. Many firms do not have the time or resources to devote to documenting ongoing due diligence of their TPM. Recognizing this challenge, Kehrer Bielan has created a due diligence report on each of the major third party broker dealers. Each report provides details on:

  • The TPM’s business, compared to its peers
  • Background on the company, including key personnel, FINRA BrokerCheck review, and review of Form ADV
  • Corporate governance, including the organizational chart and company polices
  • Risk management and financial controls – SOC Report
  • Overview of compliance organization and practices
  • Technology, and pricing per advisor
  • Finances of the firm, its affiliates, and parent
  • Product menu, product selection and due diligence process, and marketing support

along with dozens of exhibits documenting the commentary.

You can purchase the 2019 Kehrer Bielan Due Diligence report on your broker dealer for only $500.


How can we do all this for that price? Because we can spread the cost of this research over several institutions.


For more information or to purchase a report, contact Jon Gabriel (jon.gabriel@kehrerbielan.com)