Effective Positioning and Compensation for Sales Assistants

Effective Positioning and Compensation for Sales Assistants (August 2015)

As investment services in financial institutions look to continue year-over-year revenue gains, increased Advisor productivity will surely be a major contributor. Using Sales Assistants is an important lever to enhance Advisor productivity. But there is a delicate balance between Sales Assistants providing real productivity benefits, or simply adding costs that don’t translate benefits to the bottom line.

We take a look at the critical positioning decisions to help guide financial institutions on how to best use Sales Assistants and compensate them consistent with the goals of  the financial institution. Find out more in our study Effective Positioning and Compensation for Sales Assistants.

In it we look at:

  • Impact Sales Assistants have on Advisor productivity, and firm revenue and profitability 
  • Decisions needed to position Sales Assistants in your organization—licensing, location, career path, and who pays their incentive 
  • Benchmarks for base salary and incentive compensation for non-licensed, licensed, and senior Sales Assistants


To get the most from your Advisors, effective Sales Assistant positioning and compensation are a must. Purchase the study today.


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