Guide to Growth Whitepaper Series

Leveraging Research and Industry Experience to Achieve Best Practices

Dr. Kenneth Kehrer was commissioned by PrimeVest Financial (Cetera Financial Group) to analyze the three decades of financial institution experience with offering investment and insurance services. The resulting whitepapers provide a guide to growth for banks and credit unions.

Guide to Growth: Leveraging Research and Industry Experience to Achieve Best Practices is a series of whitepapers that will show you how to realize the untapped potential in your financial institution to produce more revenue, increase fee income and better meet the needs of your clients. The whitepapers draw upon data mined from nearly 3,000 banks and credit unions, unveiling best practices that generate up to 76 percent more revenue in high-performing investment programs and help program management and financial institution executive leadership understand the scope of the opportunities in implementing these best practices.

From finding your opportunities for growth to examining the impact of life insurance sales, the Guide to Growth series gives you an array of topics to consider for your investment and insurance business.

Some of these studies were published under Kehrer Bielan Research & Consulting’s previous name. You will see references to Kehrer Saltzman & Associates / “KSA” throughout the text.

Available Whitepapers

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How To Maximize The Impact Of Sales Assistants And Junior Brokers (December 2013)

This whitepaper in the Cetera Guide to Growth series examines the value and advantages of using sales assistants and “junior brokers”—less experienced financial advisors partnered with more experienced advisors—in banks and credit unions offering investment services. As demonstrated in Optimizing the Advisor-to-Client Ratio, an earlier analysis in the Guide to Growth series, to maximize the revenue opportunity in their customer base, many financial institutions should double the number of financial advisors they employ. In today’s very competitive market for advisors, however, recruiting and even retaining advisors is not only challenging, but often costly as well. 



The Broker-Dealer Conundrum: Build, Maintain Or Partner? (December 2012)

Review factors for your financial institution to consider when determining whether to manage an in-house broker-dealer or outsource functions to a third-party broker-dealer.


Recognizing The Opportunities For Growth (June 2015)

If your financial institution has an existing investment program, learn about the opportunities for growth by comparing your current revenues to average and best practice firms.


Maximizing Your Customers’ Experiences Through An Integrated Wealth Management Offering (June 2015)

Are you leaving money on the table and wasting your opportunity to build a deeper relationship with your clients? If you aren’t enhancing your customers’ experience by effectively integrating their private banking, trust, and brokerage needs, the answer could be yes. Despite the fact that trust and private banking clients prefer to work with their financial institution, the chance to have a more meaningful relationship with these clients is being lost. This paper discusses how mobilizing your banks’ units can strengthen your relationship with your clients and boost your bottom line.