PlanningInsights™—an annual service benchmarking the financial planning activities of individual financial advisors

Benchmarking The Financial Planning Activity Of Your Advisors


Financial Institutions are looking to financial planning to differentiate their advisors in an increasingly commoditized market for financial advice and document that the advice they provide is in the client’s best interest.


Advisors that embrace planning develop deeper relationships with clients and exponentially greater revenue.


You can now see how your advisors stack up in engaging new households in the planning process, whether they are incorporating planning in ongoing meetings and how the depth of their plans compares with thousands of advisors in other financial institutions.

This annual service assembles key financial planning data at the Advisor level. The visual display helps identify training and coaching needs and set goals and expectations to meet or exceed industry norms.


Cost of participation:

  • Firms with fewer than 100 Advisors: $500
  • Firms with 100 – 200 Advisors: $750
  • Firms with 200 –400 Advisors: $1,000
  • Firms with over 400 Advisors: $2,000
  • Firms with over 400 Advisors with additional level breakouts – contact


If this new industry insight helps you to impact just one typical advisor, the service will pay for itself in less than a month. Consider the possibilities.


Click here for a prospectus including the data each participating firm provides.

Introducing PlanningInsights™

a Kehrer Bielan virtual study group
October 22, 2020

Kehrer Bielan’s PlanningInsights™ provides management with data to better drive the needed change by visually showing you how the planning activity of your advisors stack up against your peers.

During this session we:

  • Presented the 2019-2020 PlanningInsights™ report, explaining the sources of the data, and the benchmarking metrics;
  • Interpreted the results;
  • Brainstormed ways to make the benchmarks even more useful; and
  • Discussed strategies for adoption of a planning approach.

Click here to view the video recording of this Kehrer Bielan virtual conversation.