Product Revenue Flow Comparison Calculator

Product Revenue Flow Comparison Calculator (2019)

The Product Revenue Flow Comparison Calculator enables the user to compare the return over time from two different streams of revenue. This is very helpful when comparing recurring revenue against commission revenue, or any product offering multiple pricing alternatives.

The Calculator is interactive, allowing the user to define the value of critical variables such as: 

  • Asset value, 
  • Up-front commission, 
  • Recurring or trail revenue, 
  • Frequency of recurring or trail payment, 
  • Annual appreciation rate, and 
  • Inflation rate. 

The output displays how revenue accumulates over time when comparing two product choice scenarios and plots the breakeven point in graphical format. It is a textbook version of NPV calculation, displayed in an easy to use format that is designed for our industry.

The calculator is a must-have tool that clearly shows the difference in product pricing to advisors and internal partners.



Financial Institutions: $350

All other firms: Contact for pricing


All other firms:  
Contact for pricing