Program Manager Compensation Calculator

Program Manager Compensation Calculator (October 2018)

What are the key drivers of compensation for the role of Program Manager in a bank or credit union? Kehrer Bielan drew on its survey of program manager compensation and its propriety database of industry benchmarking to develop a new tool that answers that very question.

The Program Manager Compensation Calculator enables the user to determine what the market is paying for the role of program manager (the individual in charge of managing the investment services business in a situation where the financial institution is a client of a third party broker dealer), given the specifics of the business.

The Calculator is interactive, allowing the user to see how market average compensation changes as the key drivers are increased and decreased. The output is not necessarily a reflection of what a program manager should be paid but is rather an indication of what the market is currently paying someone in that role.

Kehrer Bielan developed the predictive model behind the Program Manager Compensation Calculator by analyzing the actual compensation plans being used to pay program managers in over 60 banks and credit unions, along with other information pertinent to the investment business—GDC, product mix, advisor headcount, AUM, profitability and the size of the institution.

Our analysis revealed that program manager compensation is driven by just four variables. Find out what they are by downloading the Program Manager Compensation Calculator.


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