Program Manager Compensation—When More Is Better

Program Manager Compensation—When More Is Better  (November 2017)

Much of our compensation research has centered on the advisor.  But that doesn’t mean the leader of the advisors isn’t important.  In fact, the advisor’s immediate manager is often the overriding reason an advisor joins a new firm or stays at their existing firm.  Considering the significance of the program manager role, we conducted this research to illustrate the compensation amounts, methods and drivers of manager’s compensation in firms that utilize third party brokerage firms.


The study encompasses data from over 60 banks and credit unions ranging from $1 million to $20 million in revenue.  It details the program managers’:

  • Base salary amounts
  • Incentive amounts
  • Total compensation
  • Compensation as a percentage of revenue
  • Primary incentive drivers
  • Plus other productivity measurements


If you are looking to benchmark a program manager’s compensation to peer firms, and understand how compensation is structured across different types of firms, this is the definitive research providing those answers. 


Pricing for Financial Institutions


Pricing for Non-Financial Institutions



Non-Financial Institutions:  Contact for pricing

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