Understanding the Next Generation of Investors

Understanding the Next Generation of Investors


The next generation of investors has long-since gone from punchline to a clear-and-present opportunity for the bank insurance and securities community. Yet misconceptions about Millennials and, yes, Gen-Xers, abound among our industry’s leaders and the advisors they manage. With a majority of investment clients in financial institutions now in their retirement years, the time to start focusing on the next generation is now.

This study will examine how the next generation prefers to access financial advice, their attitudes towards investing, what they prioritize when making financial decisions, and how they want to approach retirement planning as they enter their prime working years. The study will draw on Kehrer Bielan’s analysis of the Macromonitor, the gold standard of consumer financial surveys, to demonstrate the perils of misunderstanding this increasingly important demographic and help financial institutions understand how to structure their delivery of financial services to appeal to the next generation.

About the Macromonitor

The Macromonitor is a comprehensive survey of US households conducted every other year since 1978, and offers financial-services providers reliable, validated, single-source research about US economic households’ needs, attitudes, and behaviors. The Macromonitor measures all financial areas: transactions, credit, assets, protection, and information and advice.  Each wave of the survey encompasses over 4,000 US households, including an oversample of 2,000 affluent households reweighted to be representative of the US population.


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