Wealth Management Benchmarking Study

Wealth Management Benchmarking Study 

Organized in business silos, the typical bank’s collective wealth management businesses—personal trust, retail investment services, private banking, and asset management—capture only 6% of its customers investable assets. But a few pathbreaking banks are integrating their wealth management businesses: unifying sales forces, melding service offerings, consolidating platforms, and providing a seamless advisor and client experience. 

These initiatives are constrained by a lack of data to assess their impact on enterprise-wide metrics. Several participants in our Wealth Management study group say that they have options for benchmarking retail investment services or Trust, but no source to benchmark the overall delivery of personal wealth management.

To respond to this need, Kehrer Bielan launched a benchmarking survey of the combination of Personal Trust, retail investment services, and Asset Management. The survey encompasses:

  • Personal Assets
    • Growth in personal assets under administration
    • Growth in net new assets
    • Growth in new assets
  • Personal Wealth Management Revenue
    • Growth in personal wealth management revenue
    • ROA
  • Client productivity
    • Assets per wealth management client household
    • Assets per wealth management account
    • Revenue per wealth management client household
    • Revenue per wealth management account
  • Staff productivity
    • Assets per wealth management staff headcount
    • Revenue per wealth management staff headcount
    • Wealth management accounts per wealth management headcount
    • Growth in wealth management staff headcount
  • Staff expenses as a percent of revenue
  • Growth in staff expenses
  • Cost to service
  • Cost to acquire
  • Client penetration
    • Percent of bank’s customers’ investable assets under administration
    • Percent of bank’s customer households with a wealth management relationship

Survey participants will be able to benchmark the performance of their overall wealth management business against their peers. The data will also help identify the impact of attempts to integrate the delivery of wealth management services on performance and begin the process of identifying emerging best practices.


If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact: Tim tim.kehrer@kehrerbielan.com.

The first report from this study is now available

Benchmarking Wealth Management In Financial Institutions

  • Describes the fragmented delivery of wealth management in 102 banks and credit unions
  • The areas of integration that some of them are exploring
  • The first-ever enterprise-wide wealth management benchmarks from 14 institutions that participated in the pilot survey
    • Asset productivity
    • Business acquisition productivity
    • Service productivity

Thanks to the sponsorship of Cetera Financial Institutions, you can download a complimentary copy of Benchmarking Wealth Management in Financial Institutions.