Wealth Management Services Series

Wealth Management Services Series (2014)

Findings from the 2013 Bank Wealth Managment Benchmarking Survey

We developed the 2013 Bank Wealth Management Benchmarking Survey by consulting with wealth management executives from 21 firms on which metrics they use to evaluate their performance and which operating models we should examine in the study. The survey was conducted in the fall of 2013, and the financial data presented in the reports cover calendar year 2012 and year-end 2013.

A series of three reports on the 2013 Bank Wealth Management Benchmarking Survey is now available.

An Overview Of The Findings

This overview includes benchmarks for the metrics that bank wealth management firms use to assess their businesses:

  • Revenue and net income on assets
  • Net income margin
  • Assets, revenue, and net income per FTE

The report also provides an analysis of the key drivers of asset productivity and benchmarks for business development, private banking, and enterprise-wide wealth management.


The Effectiveness Of Alternative Sales Models

This report analyzes the effectiveness of business development officers; the use of trust administrators and portfolio managers in business development roles; hybrid models that include BDOs, TAs, and PMs; and sourcing wealth management business from financial advisors in the bank’s broker dealer.


Staff Productivity And Compensation

The Staff Productivity and Compensation report provides benchmarks for assets and revenue per FTE for key positions/functions in bank trust and investment management firms:

  • Trust administrators
  • Portfolio managers
  • Business development officers
  • Technology and operations staff
  • Back office staff
  • Management

In addition, benchmarks are provided for expense ratios by function and average compensation per position. The study also examines how staff productivity varies by organizational structure.


This series was published under Kehrer Bielan Research & Consulting’s previous name. You will see references to Kehrer Saltzman & Associates / “KSA” throughout the text.

Looking For More Information On This Study?

For questions or additional information, please contact Ken Kehrer (ken.kehrer@kehrerbielan.com).

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