Focus on 2021: Financial and Operations Data for the 2021 Planning and Budgeting Process

Focus on 2021: A continuation of the Kehrer Bielan virtual Fall Leadership study group

Tuesday, October 27, 2020
3:30–5:00 p.m. Eastern


We’re engaged in the most challenging planning and budgeting season of our careers.  Kehrer Bielan’s data and independent perspective can help you navigate the uncertainty.  Join your peers as we examine these issues together:

  • Determining the appropriate asset valuations and revenue projections
  • The mix of in-person and virtual interactions between advisors and clients you can expect
  • The required technology and resource investments needed to remain competitive
  • The implications for your business if your financial institution is deposit driven or overfunded
  • Given the long-run decay of referrals from the institution, the other sources of business advisors can tap in the bank, existing clients or in the broader community

Are you utilizing the rich Kehrer Bielan data on advisor performance, compensation, best sales management practices, advisor recruiting and retention, and investor preferences and behavior to enhance your business performance?


Ask your finance and operations leaders to join you as we look at 2021 through the lens of Kehrer Bielan data.

Missed the virtual dialogue? Catch up with the recording:

Given the continuing concerns about travel, and the awkwardness of convening a roundtable discussion while maintaining social distancing, we are reimagining our Fall Leadership Study Group as a series of virtual meetings over the next several weeks.


This complimentary study group would not be possible without the support of our sponsors. We acknowledge these organizations for their thought leadership and support.

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