Integrating Digital Advice with Your Advisors

Integrating Digital Advice with Your Advisors: A continuation of the Kehrer Bielan virtual Fall Leadership study group

Thursday, December 3, 2020
3:30–5:00 p.m. Eastern


Financial institutions are looking at the proliferation of low-cost digital advice platforms, and the movement of assets from traditional brokerage/RIA accounts into those platforms, and considering adding a direct-to-consumer digital offering to complement their delivery of financial advice through across-the-desk advisors. 

This virtual conversation will focus on investor preference for how they prefer to access financial advice, and explore the experience of financial institutions with adding a digital advice channel, and the extent to which the digital channel:

  • Commoditizes financial advice, resulting in the client open to moving assets to the current low-cost advisor, or
  • Permanently cannibalizes the advisor’s ability to serve the client through a more holistic client experience.

We will also consider ways that a digital platform can enhance an advisor’s ability to better serve both core clients and inactive clients with small accounts.

All against the backdrop of the latest Kehrer Bielan research on investment services best practices in financial institutions.

Given the continuing concerns about travel, and the awkwardness of convening a roundtable discussion while maintaining social distancing, we are reimagining our Fall Leadership Study Group as a series of virtual meetings over the next several weeks.


This complimentary study group would not be possible without the support of our sponsors. We acknowledge these organizations for their thought leadership and support.

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