Kehrer Bielan 2020 Fall Study Group Schedule

2020 Fall Study Group Schedule

Below is our fall study group schedule. Click on a title to find out more about the study group.


Study Group Description Audience Sponsors Timing
Developing Holistic Advisors Experience with encouraging advisors to embrace planning and life insurance as core to their practice. Use of planning to support KYC and document the basis for financial advice. Executives responsible for managing financial planning or life insurance sales in  financial institutions    
PlanningInsightsTM Symposium The Kehrer Bielan service benchmarking advisor-by-advisor planning activity Subscribers and firms considering subscribing Advicent Oct 22
Fall Leadership Study Group Issues in implementing the plan for the coming year, e.g., advisor compensation, pricing, revenue and profitability trends Top executives – CEOs & national sales managers — who direct investment services in financial institutions  

Virtual sessions on Oct 13

Oct 27

Dec 3

Leveraging the Financial Institution Through Partnering with Bankers

Rethinking how to leverage front-line bankers to serve the investment need of customers.

Licensed Platform Bankers

Premier & Private Bankers

Mortgage Bankers

Includes bank executives and chief strategy officers



Pacific Life

The Standard

Oct 13
Focus on 2021: financial and operations data for the 2021 planning and budgeting process Compensation, pricing, revenue and profitability trends Includes CFOs and COOs Pacific Life Oct 27
Integration of Advisor and Digital Advice

Across-the-desk advisors versus digital advice?

Or integrated delivery of advice with investor choice and digital support for the advisor?

Includes executives responsible for the digital advice offering



Dec 3

Integrating Investment and Wealth Management Services


Combining advisors, BDOs and RIA into one sales force, creating a unified platform for Personal Trust and brokerage, and a seamless advisor and client experience Executives responsible for enterprise-wide wealth management businesses – Personal Trust, Private Banking, Asset Management & retail brokerage



Virtual meeting on Nov 12

Managing Omni Channel Delivery of Investment Services


Segmentation strategies, implementing effective triage, managing an investment call center, integrating self-directed and robo advice platforms and licensed bankers with advisors. Executives responsible for managing delivery of investment advice though investment call centers, digital platforms, and across-the desk advisors   Virtual meeting on Dec 15
The Expansion of Call Centers and Providing Advice Remotely An increasing number of investment clients are being serviced by advisors based in call centers.  At the same time, office-based advisors are serving more of their clients by phone and computer.  Are the two delivery models converging? Including investment Call Center managers and chief strategy officers The Standard Dec 15


These complimentary study groups would not be possible without the support of our sponsors. We acknowledge these organizations for their thought leadership and support.