Trends in Associate Advisor Compensation Plans

Trends in Associate Advisor Compensation Plans (March 2015)

For a financial institution’s investment services business, there are only two primary drivers of revenue: the number of Advisors a firm has producing (sales force coverage) and the amount of business they produce (productivity). It is no secret that recruiting enough Advisors with the desired skill level is one of the greatest challenges facing many firms today. But a challenge that must be met since expanding the investment services sales force is so important that we view it as one of our 5 Pillars of Performance.

To address that challenge, many firms are utilizing Associate Advisors to help their existing Advisors, and to broaden the pool for Advisor candidates. Adding Associate Advisors may be the right strategy to help grow your sales force.

Find out in our study: Trends in Associate Advisor Compensation Plans.

In it we look at:

  • The reasons Associate Advisors make sense for many firms.
  • The kinds of compensation plans that are effective in recruiting and retaining Associate Advisors.
  • An outline of the steps needed to design and implement an effective Associate Advisor program.


The risk of missing revenue because of too few Advisors is significant. Consider Associate Advisors as part of the solution to solving the revenue and Advisor challenge.


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